apply! Fiber-free 1K applicator

For decades dentists have preferred single-use solutions for placing dental materials at difficult to access areas in the oral cavity of the patient using an aid.

Up to now these components comprised:

  1. a handle made from injection-molded plastic
  2. an adhesive for fixation of the fibers
  3. the actual fibers

Further development of dental materials in the past years, however, indicates that new technologies are required, as solvents can solubilize or even dissolve the adhesive and fibers.

apply! therefore already meets all future requirements today: precisely, hygienically, residue-free.

Technical details


apply! is manufactured in one-component injection molding and is therefore 100% fiber-free.

apply! gives you the familiar feeling during application thanks to the new pheneo brush technology.

Ergonomic design

The tripodised handle of apply! always gives reliable feedback in the operator’s hand, especially with gloves.

The tactile edges reliably prevent the apply! from rolling away on the treatment tray and enable organized working at all times.

The flexibility of the bristles provides excellent feedback for controlling the pressure during application.


Specially selected materials reliably prevent bending of the brush head during application.

The defined thin section enables the head to be placed at a defined angle, ensuring optimal access to the cavity without restricting visibility.

Uptake = release (“non-absorbent”)

The calculated surfaces not only enable precise uptake of dental materials in the microliter range but also dependably release the material again. The fiber length enables easy massaging in of, e.g. bonding agents, in the respective dentine surface.

New options in unit dose development

Storage of the applicator in the medium without time-consuming activation mechanisms. No loss of fiber due to storage in solvent.

One-part design

The design of apply! in only one material not only facilitates dust-free secondary packaging but also reduces the costs of control of the interactions during development.


As a typical pheneo product the shape and colour of apply! can of course also be varied according to the customer’s request. The applicator can also be branded with your company logo.

Universal use

  • Dental bonding agents
    (one-component and multi-component)
  • Fluoridation preparations
  • Sealing composites and flowables
  • Cavity liners
  • Pharmaceuticals for periodontal treatment
  • Hemostatics
  • Removal of cement residues in the gel phase

We would be pleased to send you samples for stability and storage tests and convince you with a visit on site.


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